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24/7 Online Booking Available

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Terms & Conditions

White Bite Limited, T/A Naturawhite is a wholesale supplier of products and services. In order to benefit from these products and services, you must adhere to these Terms and Conditions in addition to any and all applicable Regulations and Directives.


You understand and agree that you are not a dental professional neither by the purchasing of the products or services qualifies you as a trained professional and that any assertion or act to the contrary may render you liable to prosecution under the said Dentist Act 1984.

You understand and agree that Naturawhite is a cosmetic grade self-administered beauty product and is not of a dental nature and that you will not sell or promote it as such.

You understand and agree that the Naturawhite product should only be used by your customer in the manner described on the packaging and any deviation from these instructions may render you liable for prosecution under the Dentist Act 1984.


You understand that Naturawhite is a registered trademark. You understand and agree that Naturawhite training packages and materials remain the intellectual property of  Naturawhite and you agree not to breach the intellectual property rights of Naturawhite or to pass-off products from other companies as being Naturawhite products. You understand that this will constitute a material breach and will result in your licence and insurance being immediately and irrevocably revoked. Should such an instance occur and for the avoidance of doubt, no refunds partial or otherwise shall be given.

You understand and agree that under these terms you are only permitted to sell and promote teeth whitening products with the Naturawhite registered trademark.

You understand and agree that if you are not actively purchasing Naturawhite registered trademarked gels (including pre-filled gumshield) quarterly, Naturawhite will no longer deem you as a brand ambassador and are unable to offer you ongoing support or guidance.

You understand and agree that in order to promote Naturawhite trademarked products you must be a registered licensee and be insured and agree to this. Furthermore, you understand that the Naturawhite insurance will be provided by Nationwide CI4 Limited.


When you place a booking via naturawhite.online you enter a binding booking transaction with White Bite Limited. This website is only responsible for your telephone/online booking referral fee. Any remaining transaction is between yourself ‘the customer’ and any establishment/individual you engage. To meet our service commitment to you, we will store your booking and necessary personal details and also obtain authorization from your bank for the payment and make certain security checks on your identity and address in accordance with all applicable data protection regulations.


Products and services are sold to business customers for business purposes only where payments for products and equipment are being made directly to Naturawhite. We may collect payment on the behalf of White Bite Limited depending on the payment circumstances. To use some of our products and related equipment, you may need to be suitably trained. Depending on your country of residence, training requirements and delivery methods may differ. You may find your own training provider or if they are suitably qualified and in certain instances we can recommend a suitable trainer for you. You understand and agree that training services and any associated agreement are strictly between yourself and the trainer. 


Naturawhite or any of its associated bodies cannot be liable for any loss of earnings, loss of business, loss of reputation or any litigation against you as well as other losses if there is a problem with the product, service or training. This applies to any accidents caused by use or misuse of your product.

Naturawhite will not be held liable where any products or equipment are used without Naturawhite training and stipulated guidelines. 

If you are offering teeth whitening services or distribution, you must stay within the guidelines as set out by regulations within your country. 

Naturawhite provide ongoing business support but we have the right to refuse any support, service or sale contract with the customer after the warranty period without notice. 

For the avoidance of doubt Naturawhite do not cover under warranty the below laser light issues: Power transformers packs, broken or damaged swan necks of light through misuse, damages to carry case on delivery, male or female threads, general wear and tear of equipment through poor maintenance or led bulbs broken or damaged through misuse.

If there is a problem with your order, you must notify us via email or by calling the telephone number provided on this website within 7 days of receipt of your product or equipment after which warranty support can only be provided via email only. 

Whilst we carefully check your items before shipping it to you, it is your responsibility to check for any cosmetic damages before accepting your product from any courier company. Please do not accept if there are cosmetic damages as we cannot hold any responsibility for this.

Warranty is subject up to 48 hours inspection before advice can be given. Customers are liable for all postage and packaging costs of both ways.

Important: We must receive pictures and/or videos of the problem before we can advise you further. The warranty department has set processes in place working alongside engineers to solve problems as quickly as possible, it is best to follow their procedures and advice for the speedy recovery of your item. Any issues can only be dealt with via email as the fault must be logged clearly. We cannot deal with any problem solving over the telephone and our engineers or support staff are not available to speak to customers.

Please do not contact our sales staff, trainers, managers or directors with any machine support or warranty issues as they are not trained to deal with machine faults. Doing this can potentially prolong the repair time as information may not be correctly recorded.

You are responsible for the cost of posting and delivery. Naturawhite does not accept responsibility for damage to any products, equipment or orders which occur during transit. 

We will aim to fix your machine as soon as is reasonably practicable, this is normally within 2-7 working days. However a fixed repair time cannot be guaranteed as the nature of each repair or fault may be different 


Where applicable, you agree to make full payment as described in your purchase order form within 90 days of this agreement.

All payments are made through a secure gateway. We do not store your credit or debit card details in line with our Data Protection Policy. If for any reason, there is a problem with collecting payment from your credit or payment card after we have confirmed receipt of your order, we will not be obliged to offer you a booking or product. 


Booking fees are valid for 30 days and are non-refundable once payment is made. You have the choice to call within 30 days and make a booking reservation at a time of your choice not exceeding 60 days from the date you paid the booking fee. Choices of time cannot always be guaranteed depending on availability. 

A non-refundable referral booking fee is taken at the time of booking (note this can be up to 50% of total price) this will be taken off the total price on the day of your appointment. Occasionally we take full payment on the behalf of a centre. Please note that we are only responsible for the booking referral fee as the individual clinics are responsible for your appointment services.

If you have any concerns, you may contact us for any questions prior to making your booking. We can only accept cash/credit/debit cards as a form of payment. We do not accept any cheques as a form of payment. Some branches may charge a processing fee of up to £5 if you pay the full amount on card.


From time to time special offers may run at selected clinics or centres only. To guarantee the offer price, you must book before the specified end dates and the specified clinic or centre. Different centres can be found on the location page, where prices, appointments, services, concept and facilities may vary.


At Naturawhite, we always strive to offer the best service possible. If you have a complaint, you must write to us via email to customerservices@naturawhite.comPlease note that complaints regarding the service or appointment received at a clinic or centre can only be dealt with directly between yourself and the clinic or centre you visited.


Health and Safety regulations prohibit clinic and centre staff to provide childcare. As such children and minors are not permitted to enter appointment rooms or to be left alone in any waiting or communal areas. 


As part of our policy to protect against the fraudulent use of credit cards, we conduct security checks on all our orders. These can take various forms and may involve contacting you by telephone before we process your order. We also retain the service of various credit rating and fraud prevention companies, and we may share details of your order with them for the sole purpose of detecting and preventing fraudulent use of your payment cards. These checks are carried out in line with our data protection and information security policies. 


Results vary from customer to customer depending on their teeth structure, any underlying conditions as well as the method or products being used.


Naturawhite can provide you with a fact sheet in relation to the GDC decisions in relation to the cosmetic practice of teeth whitening as well as guidance on the various regulations and directives which govern the use of said products and services.