Naturawhite Advanced Home Whitening Kit Refill



Naturawhite Advanced Home Whitening Kit Refill

Naturawhite’s Advanced Home Whitening System is designed to brighten your smile from home. Charge up your kit and top-up the box with our refill pack.

This refill kit contains products for 9 uses – 3x 3ml EU Bluforsa gels, 1x Activation Spray and 9x Naturawipes to easily refill your Naturawhite Advanced Home Whitening Kit At-Home.

This is a refill and does not include the LED light

How It Works

Applying a top-up could not be easier: simply wipe the surface of your teeth with our Activation Spray, load 0.5ml of gel onto each side of your Advanced Kit and relax for 15 minutes! The formula takes effect quickly to brighten your smile – use frequently for the best results.

Additional Information

This product is clinically tested, Vegan and Cruelty-Free.

Suitable for over 18s only.

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