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Let Your Smile Be the Perfect
laser Teeth Whitening

Naturawhite was founded in 2002 as one of the longest established Laser teeth Whitening Experts in the country. We have been offering teeth whitening appointments across the UK for over 20 years.

Let Your Smile Be the Perfect
laser Teeth Whitening

Naturawhite was founded in 2002 as one of the longest established laser teeth whitening experts in the country. We have been passionately offering legal teeth whitening courses since 2002. 

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Taking Your Smile To The Next Level

The Naturawhite teeth whitening process has been extensively evaluated by our pharmaceutical partners to provide a safe and proven way to lighten the shade of your smile by up to 16 shades in just one hour.

Why Choose Naturawhite?

Hydroxyapatite (HA) + Carbomer + Propylene Glycol + Potassium Citrate

Naturawhite have been creating the optimal formulation process for 20 years, maximising teeth whitening results. Blasting through stains and accelerating whitening, BluForsa brightens teeth in just 15-60 minutes and is pharmaceutically exclusive to Naturawhite.

The Science: Market-Leading Laser Lights

Our professional teeth whitening laser lights work in perfect combination with the BluForsa Gels. The 60W LED light triggers molecules from the gel to create free radicals – unstable atoms. Free radicals are deployed in the whitening process for a positive gain, by attacking nearby built-up protein which has caused stains on the teeth overtime. Leaving your teeth stain-free.

A digital scan is taken, and custom bleaching trays are made. These trays are very important as the seal has to be very good. If there are spaces where saliva can get underneath and into the tray it will neutralize the bleach which means the teeth whitening won’t work. It can be difficult getting good impressions using conventional techniques and there are many problems associated with them. With new digital scanning the accuracy is excellent which means you get the very best bleaching trays with the best seal. We can take you from an A4 to a B1 shade and will discuss the options with you in depth.

Photos are taken to assess the starting colour of your teeth.

The bleaching trays are fitted and checked to ensure they are a perfect fit.

You will be whitening your teeth at home and we will give clear instructions on how to load up the bleach in the trays.

Every day your teeth will gradually get whiter and whiter.

Once you are happy you can stop. As the process is gradual, you are in control of how white you want your teeth to be. Typically, it will take two weeks to whiten your teeth.

Your Teeth Whitening Journey Starts Here
Your teeth whitening appointment

You will be given a step-by-step guide at the beginning of your teeth whitening appointment and asked to follow the simple instructions.

  1. A shade guide is used to let you check the shade of your teeth before and after the appointment.
  2. You will gently cleanse and scrub your teeth. At this stage, any recent surface stains are removed and the enamel is given a gentle exfoliation
  3. A textured accelerator wipe is coated with an activation spray and you will give your teeth a brush. As well as giving the teeth a deep cleanse, this will build up a lather and foam which helps draw the gel into the pores of your enamel.
  4. A sterile mouth guard is then removed from a sealed foil packet and non-peroxide gel is applied. You then place the mouth guard into your mouth and put on a pair of protective goggles.
  5. Sit back, relax and let the teeth whitening gel and laser light get to work! The laser light creates an oxidation reaction which will remove stains and tooth discolouration from the inside out.

A full teeth whitening appointment consists of 3 back to back 20-minute sessions and most customers see an 8 – 12 shade improvement.

We also offer a full range of aftercare products to maximise the results of your appointment and maintain the whiteness.

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